Indiegogo launch culmination of a decade’s development work

Nov 15, 16
Indiegogo launch culmination of a decade’s development work

New OTC Joint Cream Gives People Their Lives Back

From coast to coast, people across America are getting back to the activities and lifestyle they love thanks to 4Jointz®—a brand new osteoarthritis and joint pain cream based on nature and backed by robust science.

Tuesday’s launch represents a decade’s development work:

With consistent use, people have experienced:

  • A long-lasting reduction in pain and inflammation
  • A significant increase in mobility and leg muscle strength
  • A meaningful decrease in painkiller intake, and
  • An overall improvement in quality of life

4Jointz has been covered in media including Inverse, Drug Store News, Chiropractic Economics, Australian TV news programs, CIO Australia, Nightwire Magazine, Pain-Free Living, Lower Extremity Review, Best Ever You, New Spirit Journal and Digital Journal.

“I have personally used this product and can honestly say it did help reduce the pain, stiffness and swelling in my knee,” one editor wrote. “It’s a great product.”

“This product works,” another journalist wrote. “It works on my pain and I hope it does for you.”

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