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Ask yourself... Has prescribed medication helped? Is searching for pain medication a remedy?   After 15 years of research including 3 double-blind clinical studies, there is an answer! We have thousands of affidavits testifying to the extra-ordinary benefits and efficacy of 4jointz - a topical “World Patented” formula, which when applied to the affected joints, has helped to relieve  thepain of Arthritis, in many cases significantly, and has demonstrated a clear improvement in mobility and flexibility.

Rapid reduction in pain, stiffness with long lasting results!
Sleep better, feel better and do better.
Forget the side-effects or long recovery!
4Jointz is patent protected, world exclusive technology.
Made in the US, created in Australia.
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We Love Our Customers!
Lynne Henderson
I was having a lot of trouble with my left shoulder. The surgeon diagnosed me with arthritis and frozen shoulder. He suggested an operation was what I needed. I was introduced to the 4Jointz cream and after about two weeks I had less pain and was able to sleep better. After two months I had a lot less pain and it was absolutely fantastic.

4Jointz Twin Pack
Rudy Tabassa
Immediate success, Immediate relief. 
When the doctor diagnosed me with arthritis I was concerned. The over the counter stuff that's out there I just have not had much success with. What really impressed me because within 30 minutes I was able to get a full grip.

4Jointz Twin Pack
Abimbola Ekonoye
Mum absolutely loves her 'magic' cream! Within 20-30 minutes of rubbing it into her usual points of joint pain she is flooded with relief. Plus it smells great! She suffers from osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia and tried so so so many creams... 4jointz tops the lot! Please tell them thank you, thank you!!

4Jointz Twin Pack
Michael Lynagh

I could not run or play any sport involving running. 
Severe pain was waking me every night and I had to get up and walk around in pain. Now I can play golf, cycle and run - with no pain during the night.

4Jointz Twin Pack
Tim Rowlands
It was bone on bone and arthritis had started. 
My doctor's advice was to manage it as best as I could until I needed a knee replacement. After using 4Jointz religiously for two-three months, I am now as active as I can be and can play golf without my knees flaring up. It has been a godsend!

Two x 4Jointz Twin Pack
Joe Ganim
I was pessimistic about it but still used it and within a week the pain was gone and I cannot say enough about the product. It is an incredible product and it has helped many people at my golf club!

5 x 4Jointz Twin Pack