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Reduce Your Joint Pain The Natural Way

The market is FULL of arthritis and joint pain products. We want to make it easy for you to choose a natural product, that is free from harmful chemicals and not harmful to your overall health!


We have developed one of the most effective topical products for osteoarthritis. Using our patented technology we are targetting pain and mobility in the knees, neck, back, shoulder, and hands. 

It has taken 15 years of research and development to perfect but we have done it.

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4Jointz Tube
Radical Pain Relief
After applying 4Jointz, you can feel a significant reduction in joint pain, sometimes in as little as 30 minutes.
Joint Movement and Function
Improve your joint function, allowing you the chance to perform every day and rigorous tasks with more confidence.
Patented Technology
No other product has this powerful technology, the combination of two key ingredients is the secret to 4Jointz's success.
Fast Absorbtion
Dry to the touch within 30 seconds, experience the benefits quickly as the cream is absorbed deeply into the area.
Long Lasting Relief
Clinical trials and thousands of happy customers have all proven one thing. 4Jointz works and lasts!
Non-Greasy and Botanical Fragrance
It has the fragrance of natural botanicals and smells great. Put it on when the pain strikes at work or home.
1 x Twin-Pack | 2 Tubes - 4JOINTZ® Joint Pain Relief Cream
$49.95 $55.90
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TWIN-PACK: 2 x 3.5oz/100g Tubes of 4JOINTZ® Joint Pain Relief Cream 

The 2 tube package is great to try on any joint where you experience minor to severe joint pain. Use of 4Jointz can get pain relief results in as little as 30 minutes*, and prolonged and regular application of 3 times daily is strongly recommended to experience long-term and increased benefits.

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We Are On A Mission

The pain and stiffness you experience is a battle you push through every day. Your body was made for mobility, and when you cannot move a part of your body freely, your suffering increases. It affects every aspect of your life & the worst part is your loved ones suffer with you. That is where we come in! We are delivering
A Powerful, All-Natural Joint Pain Relief Solution!


Advantages Of 4Jointz
Do They Work?
Researchers are now asking, "are pain medications truly safe, and are they even helpful?"
Is It Getting Worse?
Are you looking for something that really works before the condition continues to deteriorate?
Long-Lasting Relief!
The Acteev technology in 4Jointz has anti-inflammatory properties,  proven to help reduce joint pain naturally and safely.
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Stages Of Osteoarthritis