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4Jointz - The Best Joint Pain Relief Formula

FAST ACTING – FAST RESULTS! 4Jointz is a powerful and effective formula for the relief of joint pain. Whether it's in your hands, knees, back or feet, target the pain with its unique Acteev technology. Extracts from Eucalyptus, Comfrey and Menthol have proven anti-arthritic properties that will help your joints functioning properly with less pain. It’s like an invisible brace for your joints!

4 Steps to Applying 4Jointz
Apply Once Per Day For Day-Long Relief
Step 1
Dispense a small amount to hands.
Step 2
Rub it into and around the joint.
Step 3
Apply 2-3 times per day.
Step 4
Get back to doing the things you love faster!

How To Apply 4Jointz - Pain Relief Cream

A look at how to apply 4Jointz. The application itself is natural, easy, and somewhat intuitive. However, if the cream isn't applied correctly, it may reduce its overall effectiveness. Here's how to apply 4Jointz in just a few steps.