Healing inspires positive feedback loop

Nov 24, 16
Healing inspires positive feedback loop

Gratitude can become a virtuous circle.

When osteoarthritis or joint pain is interfering with your ability to do your job, to take care of your grandchildren, or to be yourself, finding a genuine, long term solution is incredibly empowering.

So much so, you want to show how thankful you are.

“The individuals that were experiencing success [in 4Jointz® clinical trials] were extremely, extremely grateful,” said Oklahoma State University Professor Bert Jacobson, Ph.D. “They were almost wanting to kiss us, because they’ve been in such pain, and such misery for so long.”

When we at 4Jointz hear feedback like this, we feel encouraged to know that our natural product is helping people to find renewed freedom to move.

We keep hearing things like this:

“I’m just grateful that I can do all those things [I used to do before osteoarthritis] without having to be in constant pain like I was,” Joy Lebowitz says.

Tim Rowlands calls 4Jointz a “godsend,” while Joe Ganim calls it “incredible,” and Lynne Henderson adds “absolutely fantastic.” “It’s so great,” says Veronica Borrowdale.

Thank you to all of the millions of people who courageously struggle with and overcome osteoarthritis and joint pain. You live amazing, inspiring lives, and your words of support are what keep us going.

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