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Health Starts with Your Joints

  • Manage pain from arthritis and joint-related injuries!
  • Over 15 years of research and development!
  • Clinically proven with patented ingredients

Our winning formula is backed by a team of business experts, researchers, doctors, allied health and sales & marketing professionals.

4JOINTZ® cream, gels, ointments & rubs are enriched with various natural & clinically tested active & inactive ingredients which helps you get the best treatment & instant relief from severe lower back pain strain, muscle pain, AND other joint pain. Active Ingredients: Menthol (1.5%). Inactive Ingredients: aloe barbadensis leaf gel, caprylyl glycol, castor oil, cetyl alcohol, deionized water, dimethicone, disiloxane, eucalyptus oil, frankincense oil, glycerin, glyceryl stearate, olive oil, PEG-100 stearate, phenoxyethanol, propylene glycol, SD alcohol, sodium hydroxide, sorbic acid, symphytum officinale (comfrey), tannic acid, urea, xanthan gum.

4Jointz - Technology

Menthol is one of the oldest forms of natural pain relief. It works quickly to soothe the pain. It is not in a high concentration in 4Jointz, so you will not feel an icy or cooling feeling after it has gone on.

Aloe Vera is no stranger to many of us, it is used as an effective pain reliever. Components of the gel in Aloe Vera provide anti-inflammatory activity as well as relief from joint swelling and pain.


The comfrey roots, leaves, and stems contain chemical substances called allantoin and rosmarinic acid. The chemical extract has allantoin which boosts the growth of new cells, while rosmarinic acid helps relieve pain and inflammation. The 4Jointz comfrey extract has been developed with low PA's pyrrolizidine alkaloids making it more effective and safe for use.

Tannic acid has been formulated in 4Jointz to work with Comfrey. This is one of the only products on earth, that has these two ingredients combined. They are the secret sauce in 4Jointz, which target pain, increase movement and bring back your freedom to move

4J2 Twin-Pack | 4JOINTZ® Joint Pain Relief Cream





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TWIN-PACK: 2 x 3.5oz/100g Tubes of 4JOINTZ® Joint Pain Relief Cream 

The 2 tube package is great to try on any joint where you experience minor to severe joint pain.  Apply sufficient cream to completely envelope the painful joint with each application and massage the cream in thoroughly until the skin is completely dry to touch. Use of 4Jointz can get pain relief results in as little as 30 minutes*, and prolonged and regular application of 3 times daily is strongly recommended to experience long term and increased benefits.

One pack of two tubes (3.5oz / 100g each tube - total 7oz / 200g) is sufficient for both hands or one knee joint for around one month. For optimal results, order two to three additional packs over a period of two to three months.

100% Money Back Guarantee

*Results may vary.  Prolonged and regular application recommended to experience the maximum benefit of 4Jointz pain relief cream.


4J2 Twin-Pack | 4JOINTZ® Joint Pain Relief Cream4JOINTZ® | Ingredients

4J2 Twin-Pack | 4JOINTZ® Joint Pain Relief Cream

4JOINTZ® | ARP (USA) Pty Ltd

4J4 Two Twin-Packs | 4JOINTZ® Joint Pain Relief Cream4JOINTZ® | Ingredients
4J5 Five Twin-Packs | 4JOINTZ® Joint Pain Relief Cream4JOINTZ® | Ingredients