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We're an Australian Biotechnology company that has researched developed and formulated the most effective product to deal with painful joint problems coming from sports, ageing, and/or injuries. Our formula is completely natural and it works wonders for joint problems.

Our team of business experts, researchers, doctors, chiropracters, allied health, and sales & marketing professionals are more than happy to help you with your journey and unlock your Freedom to Move!

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Why You Should Choose 4Jointz?

Ask yourself... Has prescribed medication helped? Is searching for pain medication a remedy?   After 15 years of research including 3 double-blind clinical studies, there is an answer, thousands of affidavits testifying to the extra-ordinary, efficacy and benefits of 4jointz, a topical “World Patented” formula, which when applied to the affected joints, has helped to relieve thepain of Arthritis, in many cases significantly, and has demonstrated clear improvement in mobility and flexibility.

Rapid reduction in pain, stiffness with long lasting results!
Sleep better, feel better and do better.
Forget the side-effects or long recovery!
4Jointz is patent protected, world exclusive technology.
Made in the US, created in Australia.
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Costs, time and even recovery...
Side effects! (Can you read all of the ingredients?)
Tested on animals?
Why are your symptoms getting worse!
Knee Arthritis
"I was introduced to 4Jointz and I used this ointment on my knee for 2-3 months. As a result, I can play a game of golf and not worry about my knee aching all night. 4Jointz has been an absolute godsend for me and I recommend it for those who have similar problems."
Customer Avatar
Tim Rowlands
Verified User
Now Has The Freedom To - Play Golf, Walk and Swim.
Hand Arthritis
"I am a very athletic individual. 4Jointz really impressed me because in 30 minutes I was able to get a full grip."
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Rudy Tobassa
Verified purchase
Now Has The Freedom To - Gym, Car work.
Back Pain
"Within a week the pain was gone. I play golf every weekend."
Customer Avatar
Joe Ganim
Verified User
Now Has The Freedom To - Play Golf, Walk and Exercise.
Shoulder Pain
"After 2 weeks I had less pain. It was absolutely fantastic. I was able to sleep better!"
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Lynne Henderson
Verified User
Now Has The Freedom To - Walk, Socialise and Sleep Better.


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