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Graphs show permanent healing power of 4Jointz cream—what will yours look like?

Graphs show permanent healing power of 4Jointz cream—what will yours look like?

If a picture’s worth a thousand words, these graphs are worth millions.


More than words can, they explain what user testimonials have made clear: 4Jointz® really helps people.

Long term.

Heating and cooling topicals like Biofreeze, Icy Hot and Tiger Balm rely on menthol and capsaicin to provide short-term relief and must be reapplied again and again. By contrast, 4Jointz uses the long-term, painkilling combination of Comfrey with natural ingredients, proven to provide the deepest healing possible—with many patients being able to STOP using the treatment altogether.

What’s more, 4Jointz doesn’t carry the dangerous side effects so many prescription drugs and common painkillers—known as NSAIDs—are increasingly under scrutiny for.

Ibuprofen, naproxen and the prescription drug celecoxib all can cause heart or stomach problems, a study reported in the New England Journal of Medicine and at a meeting of the American Heart Association found.

Gastric bleeding? Heart problems?

Arthritis is brutal enough without making things worse. The people who choose 4Jointz prefer a natural option for treating their osteoarthritis and joint pain.

A Natural Option

So, what’s in 4Jointz?

Natural stuff. A partial ingredient list includes Eucalyptus Oil, Tannic Acid, Allantoin (from Comfrey), Aloe Vera Gel and Olive Oil. The patented Acteev® technology in 4Jointz was developed in Australia by Arthritis Relief Plus over a period of years, and has undergone multiple rounds of scientific testing. That includes Phase III double blind, placebo-controlled trials that reinforced the safety and efficacy of the product in reducing pain and increasing flexibility and mobility in joints affected by osteoarthritis.

In other words, 4Jointz is safe, with a special process that removes the alkaloids present in natural Comfrey, combines it with an effective blend of natural ingredients, and it really works.

How does one apply it?

For all the science and development work behind this natural biotechnology, application couldn’t be easier. You squeeze some of the cream onto the affected area and massage it in. Many patients apply it three times a day, and report being pleased with the pleasant, subtle smell, which comes mostly from eucalyptus.

Testing has shown the product to be most effective on external joints such as knee, hand, shoulder, wrist, ankle and feet.

Veronica’s Story

A high-stress job in sales and marketing at renowned Bay Area tech accelerator campus RocketSpace took its toll on Veronica Borrowdale.

“I am a very bad grinder and clencher,” she said, touching her cheek. “During the night and during the day. I’ve had kind of constant soreness and pain in my jaw.”

That ache became her constant, unwelcome companion.

“People who grind and clench [their jaws] kind of get used to the soreness and pain,” she added. “So then we end up not really realizing that we have that, and just live with it.”

Through word of mouth, she heard about 4Jointz. She got a sample tube.

“It’s amazing,” she said in a video posted on 4Jointz.com. “After using 4Jointz for a week and a half or two weeks, I’ve noticed that it’s not as sore anymore. It’s so great. I would 100 percent, hands down, absolutely recommend 4Jointz to anybody.”

It was wholehearted support like Borrowdale’s that led the 4Jointz and its Australian parent company Arthritis Relief Plus to be included in the Australian government’s Landing Pad initiative, and brought it to RocketSpace in August. Since then, a lucky few Americans—including Borrowdale—have had the chance to try it for themselves.

In early December, the product launched on Indiegogo, and the first orders ship December 19. Finally, the 4Jointz results can be experienced broadly.

Medical, word of mouth support

Medical professionals say they’re thrilled to have a proven, natural option.

“This product works, and it works very well,” said Dr. Brad Hayes, an American chiropractic doctor. “You compare this to other products, and it knocks it right out of the park, and I’m even talking about prescription products. And you don’t have the side effects.”

Marin County chiropractic doctor Jesper Lundbaek recently shared samples of 4Jointz with patients suffering peripheral joint pain, who quickly reported positive outcomes.

“People have said right away that they feel less pain,” Dr. Lundbaek noted. “They’ve had a moderate amount of relief from their arthritic pain, and their joint pain. They are telling me that it’s quite comfortable.

“I like to have a product that’s natural. That helps the patient with confidence, they don’t have to worry about side effects, and I don’t have to worry about their side effects either.”

Word-of-mouth praise from patients remains the bedrock of 4Jointz. Whether it’s frozen shoulder, back pain, jaw clenching, knee pain or hands that no longer grip, 4Jointz users are grateful to have restored freedom to move.

“I’m just grateful that I can do all those things [I used to do before osteoarthritis] without having to be in constant pain like I was,” Joy Lebowitz says.

“I really couldn’t recommend this product any higher,” Ham says. Rowlands calls 4Jointz a “godsend,” Joe Ganim calls it “incredible,” Lynne Henderson “absolutely fantastic.”

Freedom to move means 4Jointz lets people get back to doing what they love and need to do: play with their grandchildren, play a round of golf or a set of tennis, lift weights, take care of a family member, drive safely, go back to work.

But none of the words quite capture what this stuff can do like the graphs.

The graphs tell the story visually. What will yours look like?

Order 4Jointz here.