Who is 4Jointz? A new blog post from Freelancer tells the story

Nov 18, 16
Who is 4Jointz? A new blog post from Freelancer tells the story

As detailed in a Freelancer.com blog post, the preparation of the launch of 4Jointz® necessitated collaboration in marketing, advertising, design and more. CEO Andrew Loch used a diverse, globally-based group of specialists in various fields to assist in different aspects of the business.

“We are an entrepreneurial team passionate about bringing the benefits of 4Jointz to the millions of people suffering from arthritis,” Loch said. “Developing and launching an over-the-counter drug like 4Jointz into the global market poses many challenges,” he noted, and using freelancers has made it easier.

Loch chose to hire freelancers because of the affordability and talent they offer. The freelancer he hired for designing 4Jointz’s packaging was an Argentina-based freelancer named Ana Maria who specialized in graphic design. A Russian designer named Sergey was tasked to render 3D images of the finished product.

Founder Persis Anderson and Loch and Arthritis Relief Plus are based in Australia, but the 4Jointz launch team is based at RocketSpace, in San Francisco, and 4Jointz works with professionals across the United States.

Find out more about this breakthrough in arthritis treatment at 4Jointz.com. Get early delivery and special offers at our Indiegogo launch page.