Whatever happened to authenticity?

Nov 16, 16
Whatever happened to authenticity?

In recent days, people are scrutinizing “fake news” websites, which pass off phony content as truth. Things like this could be why Gallup polls earlier this year found American confidence in U.S. institutions and mass media at all-time lows.

Whatever happened to authenticity, to credibility?

At 4Jointz®, our approach to relieving osteoarthritis and joint pain has always been rooted in real, long-term relief from pain and stiffness—not some “miracle” drug or “magic” pill.

The patented Acteev® technology in 4Jointz is made from allantoin (the active ingredient in comfrey), menthol, tannic acid and eucalyptus oil. This formula has successfully undergone several independent trials, including an ACR (American College of Rheumatology) compliant, robust Phase III Double blind placebo controlled trial. Each study has reinforced the safety and efficacy of the product in reducing pain and intake of pain mediciation like acetaminophen—and increasing flexibility and mobility in joints affected by osteoarthritis.

Many currently available topical and oral products for osteoarthritis enter the bloodstream, where they can cause side effects. The Phase III trial showed that 4Jointz did not have any adverse effect on normal blood parameters (electrolytes, liver function) over the 3-month period of the clinical trial..

In other words: 4Jointz is real. We like to say it’s made by nature and backed by science. That authenticity is shown in the community of people who have benefitted from it, viewable at 4Jointz.com.

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