For Joy Lebowitz, 4Jointz isn’t just the best treatment for arthritis; it’s what allows her to pick up her grandchildren

Nov 03, 16
For Joy Lebowitz, 4Jointz isn’t just the best treatment for arthritis; it’s what allows her to pick up her grandchildren

Caring for others keeps Joy young

Joy Lebowitz is 71, but still gets asked for age identification from time to time, she laughs. The key to her fountain of youth is devotion to others.

For Joy, that includes grandchildren, great grandchildren, a daughter with cancer, her disabled Vietnam veteran husband and other veterans in her Tulsa, Oklahoma community through Disabled American Veterans.

“Some people kind of look at me like, ‘what’s wrong with you’? It’s like, oh my gosh, this is who I am.”

So when her car was rear-ended by a mail truck, and her grandkids had to start climbing on the couch so she could pick them up, it was a big problem.

“It did quite a bit of damage to my car and quite a bit of damage to me, and I just thought I had to learn to live with it,” Lebowitz recalled. “But I have grandkids, and I just want to be able to lift these kids.”

Natural pain relief let Joy contribute again

When her chiropractic doctor, Brad Hayes, introduced Lebowitz to 4Jointz®, she “couldn’t believe the difference” it made for her swollen joints. She used it for three or four weeks, she says, and it greatly reduced her “constant pain.” Now, two years later, she keeps a tube around to use if she has a flare-up.

“I’m just not one of those people to sit around and not contribute,” Lebowitz says. “I’m just grateful that I can do all those things without having to be in constant pain.”

Of all the pain relief creams she’s tried, Lebowitz says, 4Jointz is her favorite. In fact, it’s the best natural treatment for osteoarthritis she’s found.

“I couldn’t believe the difference,” she said.

Tests suggest 4Jointz is the best treatment for arthritis

Tulsa-area practitioner Dr. Hayes works with arthritis sufferers including NFL athletes. He says patient results and clinical trials he participated in convinced him of 4Jointz’ healing powers. He prefers natural remedies for joint pain, and says 4Jointz superiority to heating or cooling topicals makes it the best treatment for arthritis.

“We do know that you can get temporary relief from products that have capsaicin in them,” Dr. Hayes says. “Those change the sensation that you feel in the skin, but it’s temporary. It doesn’t last very long. Then you have people that try things that don’t work at all. They just quit using it and go onto the next thing.”

Dr. Hayes was among the earliest U.S. practitioners with access to 4Jointz, a revolutionary product developed by Australia’s Arthritis Relief Plus (ARP) which launches internationally on Indiegogo in November 2016.

“I’ve used it for so long, it’s just a natural thing,” Dr. Hayes says. “People just get results. It’s very powerful, and quite surprising.”

“4Jointz is a very special product,” Lebowitz says. “I’ve never seen anything like it.”

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