Big Bill’s arthritis pain led to the creation of 4Jointz

Nov 09, 16
Big Bill’s arthritis pain led to the creation of 4Jointz

If not for the debilitating osteoarthritis pain her late father-in-law, a 260-pound police superintendent known as “Big Bill,” developed in his hips and knees, Persis Anderson might never have founded 4Jointz®.

“He was a senior police officer, and had a lot of walking to do,” recalls Anderson, now Founder and CEO of Arthritis Relief Plus (ARP). “We were keen to find something that wouldn’t interact with the cocktail of medications he was already on, something safe and effective.”

“We figured out we could crush comfrey, a very well-known medicinal herb, mix it with some oils, and Dad would put this goopy mess on his knees every night. He started to get very good results, in a matter of days it started to loosen up, and the pain started going down.”

From a ‘goopy mess’ to a revolutionary biotech formula

The realization she had found a natural medicine that really worked and had no side effects set her on the path to where 4Jointz is today: set to take on the American market, and the world.

This was in Queensland, Australia. Anderson, who Big Bill affectionately called his “pocket rocket,” took the helm of her father-in-law’s healing, desperate to help him after watching how years of walking the beat had led to excruciating joint pain.

As she watched how reduced pain and restored freedom of movement brought his smile back, Anderson realized other arthritis sufferers worldwide needed similar relief.

Anderson put together a team of researchers and scientists to start developing an enhanced, safe, and easy-to-use formula. They soon began clinical trials, which were equally successful. The new company, Arthritis Relief Plus (ARP), worked tirelessly on 4Jointz, helped by a growing base of passionate supporters who’ve seen what it can do.

“What inspires me is hearing all the unsolicited feedback from people who have tried 4Jointz and tell me how this product has changed their lives,” Anderson says.

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