4Jointz® not only took Bobbi Dobbs’ pain away, it straightened her crooked fingers

Nov 05, 16
4Jointz® not only took Bobbi Dobbs’ pain away, it straightened her crooked fingers

4Jointz straightened Bobbi’s crooked finger

Devoted grandmother Bobbi Dobbs searched high and low for a cure for her joint pain, but nothing did the trick.

“I had tried a number of products, both over the counter and prescribed by physicians, to try to stop the pain and stop my fingers from becoming crooked,” she explained. “None of those helped long term. Some helped for a little while. Most didn’t help at all.”

Soon after she started using 4Jointz®, she was able to get down on the floor and play with her grandchildren again.

“After a couple of weeks, I knew it worked,” she said. “It completely took the pain away in my fingers.” That alone would have made 4Jointz the best treatment for arthritis in Dobbs’ mind.

But Dobbs never expected what happened next: to her amazement, her fingers straightened out.

“I never expected to have my starting-to-go-crooked finger go straight again. It was a pleasant surprise that went along with the pain being gone. I love 4Jointz. I’m a woman, my hands matter to me.”

Clinical tests key to the best treatment for arthritis

Patients of Tulsa-area practicioner Dr. Brad Hayes who have used 4Jointz report real, long-lasting results that parallel research published in respected journals.

“Many people who try 4Jointz find that they can get significant responses,” Dr. Hayes said. “That can be in the form of pain relief or function return, which naturally will let them move or use their joint again.”

“By far the majority of people are just delighted and surprised at what happens after that first two weeks. It’s very powerful, and quite surprising.”

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