The Problem:
Millions suffer from Osteoarthritis - it affects your joints and virtually every aspect of your life. We believe that people fall into two categories; those who are still looking for that magical solution, and those who are just trying to manage the pain. 

The Product:
4Jointz is one of the most effective pain relief treatments available for Arthritis and Osteoarthritis. 4Jointz has been successfully used by thousands of people who have experienced relief from arthritis and muscular pain.

The Ingredients: 
4Jointz is a topical cream that is clinically tested and has the highest quality ingredients. The extracts are proven to work together so we can confidently say you have never used a product like this. It offers you a way of dealing with the effects of osteoarthritis in a natural formula without side effects!

Simply apply the cream three to five times per day (or as needed) and start to feel the relief relief. You won't believe how well it works, especially when you need it most!
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2 TWIN-PACKS: 4 x 3.5oz/100g Tubes of 4JOINTZ® Joint Pain Relief Cream 

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The 4 tube package is great to try on any joint where you experience minor to severe joint pain.  Apply sufficient cream to completely envelope the painful joint with each application and massage the cream in thoroughly until the skin is completely dry to touch. Use of 4Jointz can get pain relief results in as little as 30 minutes*, and prolonged and regular application of 3 times daily is strongly recommended to experience long term and increased benefits.

Two packs of two tubes (3.5oz / 100g each tube - total 14oz / 200g) is sufficient for both knee joints or multiple smaller joints for around one month. For optimal results, order two to three additional packs over a period of two to three months.

100% Money Back Guarantee

*Results may vary.  Prolonged and regular application recommended to experience the maximum benefit of 4Jointz pain relief cream.

Expect delivery within 7-10 days.

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30-day money-back guarantee

If you are not 100% satisfied, tell us within 30 days, and get your money back.

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How soon can I expect to see results?
It is time to join the movement! Most people start to experience beneficial changes within the first few days (or immediately) and some within the first couple of weeks. Since osteoarthritis and joint issues vary, so can the time to get the full benefits from the product.
What's in 4Jointz that makes it so effective?
So many people ask us this question! 4JOINTZ® is a powerful blend of botanical extracts of comfrey, tannic acid, menthol, eucalyptus and aloe vera that work in a topical (cream) base that is applied directly to the pain point. Each work in unison target the pain, inflammation and stiffness. You're mindful about how you treat your joint pain and want to know what you’re using on your body—we understand completely. We've gone out of our way to not include capsaicin in our cream, 4JOINTZ® is completely different to any product on the market today.
Do you offer a warranty or lifetime guarantee?
There is a 30 day satisfaction guarantee, we have given you the opportunity to really benefit from 4Jointz after using it for as long as you need. If its not for you, we will happily give you a refund.
What is the recommended usage?
Consistency is key and we would recommend that you apply the cream 3 times a day over a period of 4 -12 weeks. Once you're experiencing that 'freedom to move' feeling you can start tapering to once a day, or per week.
What about side effects and other nasties?
We're mindful about how you treat your joint pain and want you to know that you’re using only the best product for your joints and body. We've committed to being free of parabens, capsaicin (which burns!) and we don't test on animals. Just make sure not to apply it to cuts, eyes, or wounds. If the area is known to get sweaty make sure to wash it off once a day.
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