Usage & Pricing


This video demonstrates how to apply the 4JOINTZ product properly on various joints to achieve best results:

How to Apply 4JOINTZ | 4JOINTZ® Product Application from 4JOINTZ® on Vimeo.




Pricing from 4JOINTZ® on Vimeo.

"As the founder, it has always been my intention to make 4Jointz a premium but affordable treatment of choice to as many people as possible worldwide. We are not a large corporation but have remained determined to ensure the quality of the product and the supporting research are of the highest standards.

Offering excellent value for money and helping achieve the best results are a top priority for our company so in keeping with this ethos, for small joint areas like hands, the usage is from as little as $49.95 over a 3 month period with 3 applications daily and thereafter typically a reduced maintenance usage as necessary. Package prices are indicative for a 3 month period with 3 x daily applications. We would be happy to answer any queries you may have. Thank you.”
- Persis Anderson, Founder - 4Jointz