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Full Name: Chelsea Gladden
Phone: (310) 569-6586
Email Address: chelsea@chicexecs.com
Website: https://www.4jointz.com/


4JOINTZ® is Featured in the Australian Channel 7 News


4Jointz® Press Releases

Pressreleasejet.comSept. 2016 media release provides overview of Arthritis Relief Plus history, its development of 4Jointz and selection for the Landing Pad program; "gold standard" research that confirms 4Jointz's healing powers; quotes from ARP founder, CEO.
Prweb.comAug. 2016 media release details why 4Jointz represents a breakthrough in arthritis treatment; two doctors recounting patients' positive results; results including fast-acting, long-lasting reduction in pain, significant increase in mobility and leg muscle strength, and an overall improvement in quality of life.
Bioportfolio.comAug. 2016 media release shows 4Jointz is proving to be a significantly superior product in the natural, over-the-counter category. Over 60% of Americans over the age of 35 are living with joint pain, the company's Founder and CEO notes, and 4Jointz was made "to help them heal safely, without the negative side effects of the current NSAIDs on the market.”
Ktbs.comFall 2016 media release shares why word of mouth is key to 4Jointz's success: the  experiences of people like Veronica Borrowdale, who suffered from stress-induced teeth grinding, and Susan Davia, who battled post-surgical knee pain. It's anticipated 4Jointz will delay some arthritis sufferers’ need for surgery, and others will be able to avoid side effects of NSAIDs in common painkillers.