Get Now Terms

We have launched 4Jointz® via an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign.

In these Terms, we mirror the terminology used by Indiegogo for crowdfunding campaigns. We are referred to as a "Campaign Owner" and our fundraising campaign is referred to as a "Campaign". People contributing to our Campaign are referred to as "Contributors" and the funds they contribute as "Contributions”.

Indiegogo is an online crowdfunding venue for people and entities seeking to raise funds for their own Campaigns and to contribute to the Campaigns of others. Campaign Owners can offer gifts or rewards in the form of tangible items or intangible services (collectively, "Perks") to Contributors. Perks are not offered for sale.

The term ‘Get Now’ is referring to a contribution towards our launch campaign with the selection of a Perk (gift item).

Contributions made during our launch campaign allow for Contributors to select a Perk. Your Perk (referenced as an item also on our website) is our thank you for your supporting contribution towards our Campaign. Our Campaign is to raise funds to scale the production and fulfilment of 4Jointz®.

During our launch campaign we are only offering people the opportunity to Contribute to the Campaign and in return select a Perk as a gift for their contribution. During this period of time, any references on our website to terms such as orders or sales are referring to contributions and perks as appropriate. 

Our Indiegogo Campaign page is live for contributions now. You can visit the Indiegogo site here: and search for 4Jointz.