FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

This product has been in development for over ten years. 

There were no shortcuts in the development process for 4Jointz, so that means it took significant resources to get the product to this stage. So, you can be assured of a quality product with great performance.  We're looking for your enthusiasm and support to help us share the results and long-term relief that this cream can bring to people suffering with joint pain around the world.

Most people start to experience some beneficial changes within the first few days and some within the first couple of weeks. Since osteoarthritis severity can vary, so can the application period for 4JOINTZ®. On average, the standard protocol for application is 8 -12 weeks. Once optimal results have been obtained, a tapering maintenance program is recommended to once a day and then 3 times weekly down to once a week or when required.

We are not a large corporation but have remained determined to ensure the quality of the product and the supporting research are of the highest standards. Offering excellent value for money and helping achieve the best results are a top priority for our company. 

In keeping with this ethos, for small joint areas like hands, the usage is from as little as $4.00 per week ($49.95 over a 3-month period with 3 applications daily) and thereafter, typically a reduced maintenance usage as necessary.

4JOINTZ® is a powerful synergistic blend of standardized botanical extracts specifically produced for 4JOINTZ®. The unique combination of comfrey, tannic acid, menthol, eucalyptus, aloe in an ointment base is applied topically. Unlike most treatments which are administered orally, 4JOINTZ® is applied topically (through the skin) directly to the affected joints targeting the pain, and additional challenges associated with joint discomfort. 4JOINTZ® is free of parabens and other nasties.

4JOINTZ® is initially recommended for use three times a day for approximately 12 weeks. Subsequently, depending on your condition, applications can be tapered off to once daily, followed by alternate days and then once weekly as per individual requirement, to provide long-lasting benefit.

So many people ask us this question! There is no capsaicin in 4JOINTZ® as this is a unique, natural and well researched formula. You're mindful about how you treat your joint pain and want to know what you’re using on your body—we understand completely. We've gone out of our way to not include capsaicin in our cream, 4JOINTZ® is completely different to any product on the market today.

Continuing with other pain medication is left to you and your healthcare practitioner's discretion. Based on our observation of clinical use, most users choose to decrease or discontinue the use of additional medication after 4 to 6 weeks of using 4JOINTZ​®​. However, this is up to you and your health service provider.

This will depend upon the size and number of joints you are applying the cream to. Sufficient cream should be used to completely envelope the joint with each application and massaged in thoroughly until the skin is completely dry to touch.

One pack of two tubes(3.5oz / 100g each tube - total 7oz / 200g) is sufficient for both hands or one knee joint for around one month. For optimal results, use two to three additional packs over a period of two to three months.

Directions For Use

  1. Apply the 4JOINTZ® cream on all sides of the joint.
  2. Lightly massage it in gently with the tips of your fingers for a minute or two until completely absorbed; it is important to apply and massage into ALL sides of the joint until it is totally absorbed leaving the skin completely dry.
  3. For sensitive skin it is recommended that you wash or wipe off the joint thoroughly (especially areas such as the soft skin behind the knee joint) with warm water or a damp cloth 10 minutes after application.
  4. The two tubes in each pack are sufficient for three daily applications for one knee joint or both hands for one month.
  5. Two or three additional packs may be required. Major weight bearing joints would require additional product.
  6. Continue application until all tubes are used.

The amount of cream used is dependent on the size of the joint. Sufficient cream should be used to completely envelope the joint with each application and massaged in thoroughly until the skin is completely dry to touch.

If an application is missed simply continue to apply the cream according to the regular schedule. If more than two consecutive days are missed or applications are missed frequently, you may need to start the 12-week application period over again.

It is advisable to use the cream at the recommended dosage as insufficient application may not achieve the desired results.

Yes. However, if you are treating your hands we recommend you wait 5-10 minutes before washing to ensure the cream has been fully absorbed into your skin.

There are no known side effects other than in rare cases, some users with dry or sensitive skin could develop a mild skin rash.

As this is a naturally derived product the colour can vary, this is expected.

4JOINTZ® has never used animals to test products and never will.