About Us

4Jointz (for joint pain sufferers) is the story of a company from Australia that has taken the science of pain relief to a whole new level. ARP (USA) Pty Ltd is an Australian Biotechnology company that has researched, developed and formulated the most effective product to deal with painful joint problems coming from sports, aging and/or injuries. Our mission is to change as many lives as we can, one joint at a time. The team is made up of business professionals, researchers, doctors, chiropractors and sales/marketing professionals.

A healthy joint is a happy joint, that’s why 4Jointz offers natural relief from pain without scary side effects and without putting your health at risk. Its patented Acteev technology has been substantiated by gold standard research published in peer-reviewed medical journals at leading Australian and US institutions. Made from completely natural ingredients, Acteev™ has been clinically proven in human clinical trials to provide effective, long lasting relief to those suffering from arthritic and other painful conditions in the joints.

With a no cost and no risk 60 day satisfaction guarantee, why wouldn’t you give it a try? You have nothing to lose but the pain and gain your freedom to move.

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